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Not far south of Casa Grande, Arizona you’ll find an odd collection of structures out in the middle of the desert, set just off the side of the road. Locals and explorers know these structures simply as “the domes,” or “the domes of Casa Grande.” For over thirty years, these domes have sat decaying in the desert heat, being bombarded

The ghost town of Eagle Mountain, California has sat vacant for decades, crumbling away in the heat of the California desert. The town sits about twelve miles north of Desert Center at the base of the Eagle Mountain iron mine, which was once California’s largest iron mine. Over the years, this once lively town in Riverside County saw numerous uses,

About 75 miles northeast of Los Angeles sits the abandoned George Air Force Base, just outside of Victorville, California. This was once a very active town of military families, but it has since been abandoned and left to crumble in the desert heat. Despite its current state, George Air Force Base played an important role in US history and had

The town of Thompson Springs, Utah is on life support, with less than 50 people living there as of today. Once the center of a bustling railroad town, Thompson Springs was home to stores, restaurants, and a railroad depot. However, many of its remaining buildings continue to decay as dusty winds blow through the nearly empty town. Thompson Springs, Utah