Category: Restored or Repurposed

The Lindsey Building – a structure dating back to the most prosperous years of Dayton, Ohio. The building was constructed in 1917, built with bricks on a stone foundation, similar to most commercial buildings constructed during the early twentieth century. The building’s facade is made up of three parts, and was modeled in the Neoclassical style. The twelve-story building was

The Bancroft home in Chagrin Falls is easily one of the most notable, and recognizable historic structures within the community. Standing tall atop Grove Hill, the historic home looks out over the village, still displaying all of its original architectural elements. The home, built in 1878 was constructed in the Italianate style with a WPA-built retaining wall wrapping around the

The old coast guard station on Whiskey Island was built between 1938 – 1940. The building is situated at the end of a 1,000-foot-long pier jutting out into Lake Erie. At the time of its construction, there were plans to build more stations in different areas along Lake Erie. However, when World War II started, resources were shifted, and no