The Most Incredible Abandoned Places – Unbuilt by Time

Over the last few years, since the creation of my first book Empty Spaces, and my second book Americana Forgotten, I have often been asked when there will be a book containing my best and most notable photos. Well, I am excited to announce that it’s finally here, and will be released as a limited edition, 200-page hardcover book called “Unbuilt by Time: The World We Once Knew.”


Abandoned in the Smoky Mountains

Luckily, I was able to witness the smoky mountains before the recent fires, which wiped out a significant portion of the forest. In the Smoky Mountains, not only did you have the picturesque scenery and surroundings creating a natural funhouse for photographers, but you would have received one hell of a package deal if you just so happened to be a photographer whom also enjoys a good explore through forgotten structures. That’s me, by the way (for anyone reading who is unfamiliar with what I do, other than talk about cats.)