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Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens: A Historic House Museum in Akron, Ohio Nestled within the heart of Akron, Ohio, you’ll find Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, a sprawling 70-acre historic house museum, exuding history and charm from every corner. It’s more than just a museum; it’s a journey into the past, a beautiful homage to a bygone era. A Colorful

Boldt Castle: The Architectural Marvel on Heart Island Nestled amidst the breathtaking Thousand Islands region of New York State, Boldt Castle stands as a majestic and awe-inspiring landmark that captures the hearts of countless visitors each year. Set upon the beautiful Heart Island in the town of Alexandria Bay, this architectural gem graces the shimmering waters of the Saint Lawrence

While not entirely architecture related, being that this is not a historic building, nor an abandoned building of any sort, I wanted to share the story of Ohio’s Cornhenge. Delving into Dublin’s Cornhenge: A Celebration of Agricultural Roots Nestled in the heart of Dublin, Ohio, a very interesting, publicly funded art installation unfurls across the landscape, appropriately named “Field of

The Paramount, also recognized as the Best Western Paramount, stands as a once-glorious hotel nestled in the quaint Hamlet of Parksville, New York, just a stone’s throw away from the charming town of Liberty, New York. Now a hauntingly abandoned structure, the once-bustling resort fell to a devastating fire in October of the year 2000. The inferno ravaged the lobby,

Jacob Snyder’s Architectural Masterpiece: The Historic Shady Bend Manor The Shady Bend Manor in Ohio is a brilliant example of the Italianate architectural style during the 1800s. Designed by architect Jacob Snyder and built for John Hardy in 1874, this incredible home overlooks the town of Newcomerstown, Ohio. The 3,289-square-foot home sits on 4.4 acres, and features a circular driveway,

Exploring the Eerie Remains of a Once-Thriving Mini Golf Course in New York Last year, on a trip to New York with our main goal of visiting Boldt Castle, we stumbled into an abandoned mini golf. We arrived as the sun was setting, which gave us a perfect opportunity to capture some photos. From the front, it was difficult to

Wooster’s Timeless Treasure: The Historic David Q. Liggett House Nestled on 408 N. Bever Street in Wooster, Ohio, a magnificent wood-frame house stands proudly as a testament to the architectural and historical grandeur of the past. This prominent structure, known as the Liggett House, or Liggett-Freedlander House, with its intricate details and rich history, has earned its rightful place on