PHOTO # 139


The thing is, the attraction to these somber scenes – the strange, emotional draw from standing within the eerie atmosphere of all of these abandoned spaces, or even seeing them visually represented is still a largely unexplained emotion called Kenopsia.


Rubber Ducky, You Were the One

Today – September 27, 2015 – the fire burned on as streets filled with smoke. An apocalyptic aura was drawn over the neighborhood surrounding as smoke billowed from broken walls. Teams worked hard to put out the blaze, and it was said that one firefighter was injured during the process today. A charred smell fills the air of numerous Cleveland streets, all the way throughout Little Italy. This factory will be missed, but may live on through the photographs. With only my cellphone available, I tried to capture today’s scene as well as I could.


Prayers for Maria

Over 2 million sunflower seeds were planted here in Avon Lake, Ohio in memory of a little girl who suffered brain tumors, eventually passing away. Her mother now cares for this field every year in memory of her daughter, raising more awareness of these conditions.

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Rolling Acres – Reclaimed by Mother Nature

I have watched it for years now, deteriorating in such an incredible, beautifully destructive way. From the initial abandonment when all was still fairly pristine – shop windows intact – to looking like a bomb dropped – windows smashed and glass tossed all around as trees begin to grow wildly throughout. This is definitely one of the most bizarre “forests” you will ever take a hike through.


Our Future

How can we care about something so much for a moment, but in a moment’s notice just drop it like we never even owned it? How can we continue to leave so much behind and broken when there’s 3.5 million homeless without a place to even feel safe or call their own when they’re out in the cold frozen? Life is a fragile topic…difficult to grasp and nearly impossible to open…