Astoria Wreck small

My Best and Most Popular Photos of 2015

It has been so incredible that I have actually had the chance to do so many things that I never thought I would actually be able to do. I can’t say thank you enough to everybody who has supported me so much in these journeys, so that I can continue to create and share with the world.


Knox County Poorhouse

One of the coolest old abandoned buildings in Ohio caught fire this year. I have said it before, but I will continue to say it – this is why I believe what I do is important. These places will not be here forever, and recently so many have been disappearing in so many different ways. It’s very important to document these structures for generations to come after us, even long after we are gone.


Connected to our Surroundings

Perhaps when our loved ones pass away, they stay right here – in every cloud, every autumn leaf, and every breath of wind. It’s them we see, glowing in every blood red summer sunset, flowing through the veins of our atmosphere, filling them with beauty.

ship for cover

Lost Along the River

For over 30 years, the old Circle Line V has sat rusting away at the mouth of the Ohio River; a nearly forgotten vessel. First departing in 1902, coming from Wilmington, Delaware, the ship was captained by railroad executive, J. Rogers Maxwell – a passionate yachter. Originally named the Celt, this 180-foot-long, steam-powered boat would experience many name changes throughout its wild and interesting life.