Our Future

How can we care about something so much for a moment, but in a moment’s notice just drop it like we never even owned it? How can we continue to leave so much behind and broken when there’s 3.5 million homeless without a place to even feel safe or call their own when they’re out in the cold frozen? Life is a fragile topic…difficult to grasp and nearly impossible to open…


Our Future – 8.15.15

Over the course of the last few weeks, myself and a group of friends have accomplished so much. I could not have asked for a better group of friends and people to help in the creation and completion of this project, turning it into something truly awesome. A vision has become a reality, and I will now be able to share it with everybody. Without this amazing group, this would not have come together in such an incredible way, and I can’t thank them enough for being not only an amazing and talented group, but amazing friends. Thank you all.


The Old Cleveland Aquarium

Cleveland’s former aquarium – built in 1954. This space, formerly full of family fun now remains empty, sat quietly, hillside to a park directly off of East 72nd street. Driving along I-90, you may not even notice this once well-visited structure, even though it practically towers at the freeway’s edge. From what I have noticed through conversation, most people around do not even know that Cleveland once held another aquarium. Once again, another grim reminder of how quickly and easily we toss our creations aside, simply forgetting them.


Euclid Square Mall

I wanted to post this here, before more lies begin to surface across the face of the Internet. There’s a difference between having a little bit of fun, telling a story and just purely blasting a bunch of lies to people who are actually interested in LEARNING about our history. Why would you want to give a false history? Isn’t the point of documenting these places to bring a bit of attention to the matter at hand of all that we have left behind?


Cuervo, New Mexico – No Lodging…But Plenty of Vacancies.

Sweat continuously fell from my face as I walked alongside cacti and crumbling adobe homes, kicking up dirt and stones with each step. I could swear I heard at least a few drops sizzle as they hit the hot ground – though it’s possible that could have just been my mind fizzling out. It was like tiny people were working a sweatshop inside my head, powering a bullet train by hand.


A New Scene for Deep Dream

We’re all familiar with the dream world – I mean, we have numerous dreams every night we lay our heads down to sleep, whether we remember them or not – but training an artificial brain to think the same way is a whole new piece to the ever expanding artificial intelligence puzzle.