The Day The Sky Fell

You could call it a winter wonderland, though I feel that would not be doing it proper justice; it was much more than that. Constantly shifting weight from so much snow after years of neglect had weakened the glass of skylights above, causing ceilings to bust open overhead. It was as if clouds had fallen from the sky, filling this normally dark and desolate destruction with a brand new, much brighter life.


Uniroyal – The 50th Birthday of a Massive Tire

So today marks the 50th birthday of the famous UNIROYAL tire in Allen Park, Michigan. While many are busy, celebrating such a momentous occasion, I can’t help but shake some images from my head. Things that I have seen inside a former UNIROYAL factory will never quite fade from my memories. Don’t get me wrong, the company is amazing as a whole, but you will always have that one bad apple – sometimes a few.

PHOTO # 121

It’s a Crazy Life

You want to make sure your friend or family member gets the help they need? If you want to be sure, spend as much time as you possibly can with them – do not let them out of your sight if that’s what it means. This is all you can really do. I know we can’t all do that, but if you can and want to, you should. You can beg someone to stop, but they won’t even be able to hear you.


Neosho Falls – A Town One Might Only Imagine

We were headed into Southern Kansas, seventy-five miles per hour across what seemed to be an endless stretch of flat and empty highway, eventually carrying us into a very unusual town. Uniquely intriguing could possibly be the best pair of words to describe this place. The town was like something you might imagine seeing only…