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Situated along Detroit’s Woodward Avenue, the Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church stands, a vivid architectural composition emanating from the early 20th century. Conceived by Sidney Badgley and completed in 1911, the building showcases the quintessential elements of Gothic Revival architecture. For a period, the structure underwent a transformation of purpose and identity, serving as the Abyssinia Church of God in Christ.

Colonel William Wilkins, a seasoned Civil War veteran and a distinguished member of the Detroit School Board, laid the cornerstone of educational commitment when the inaugural Wilkins School was constructed in 1873. Located on Porter Street near the city’s downtown core, this original edifice served its purpose until the tides of change necessitated its demolition. As the 20th century unfolded,

Situated in the heart of Mexicantown in Detroit, Michigan, Southwest Detroit Hospital stands as a silent chronicle of a pivotal era in American healthcare. Unveiled in 1973, this groundbreaking institution shattered the prevailing racial barriers by being the first hospital in Detroit to both employ and accredit African American medical professionals. Yet, despite its revolutionary inception, the hospital’s lifespan was

Nestled within the urban tapestry of Detroit, Michigan, on the east side of the city, formerly sat the imposing and multifaceted Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects, officially christened as the Frederick Douglass Homes. Its name, a tribute to both the iconic African American abolitionist, author, and reformer Frederick Douglass and the thoroughfare that traversed the vicinity, Brewster Street, was a symbol of

Founded in 1924, St. Rita Catholic Church initially took root on Detroit’s northeast side. At that time, its congregation comprised a small group of 12 to 30 people, hailing from various corners of the neighborhood. Their inaugural meeting was a humble affair, conducted in a handful of uncompleted storefronts along 8 Mile Road, courtesy of a local merchant. In a

Nestled in the southeastern area of Detroit, St. Martin of Tours—alternatively known as St. Martin On-The-Lake or simply St. Martin—stands a lesser talked about historic Catholic sanctuary. Though some online records murmur of its inception as a mission church in 1912, concrete evidence remains unseen. The parish officially unfurled its wings in 1923, initiating its inaugural liturgy in a nondescript

The Pontiac Silverdome: The Visionary Drive of C. Don Davidson The inception of an expansive sports coliseum in Pontiac, Michigan, finds its roots in the visionary aspirations of C. Don Davidson. A luminary of Pontiac and an exceptional high school athlete, Davidson’s journey saw significant milestones. After his graduation from Pontiac Central High School in 1947 and a dedicated stint

Stanley Hong’s Mannia Cafe Detroit is renowned for its iconic skyscrapers that stand tall, encapsulating the rich tapestry of the city’s history. While these towering structures often dominate architectural conversations, there are numerous lesser-known buildings in the city that hold their own unique tales and histories. One such building that has captured the fascination of many, is located in Milwaukee