The Strange & Incredible “Hall’s Tower”


Cruising down I-81 passing through Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, passerby’s are greeted by the sight of a massive, 16-story tower looming over the land. Local lore would tell interested explorers to stay away, with stories of a spirit residing atop the tower watching over the land, but who doesn’t enjoy a good adventure?

Building of both the massive tower, and unique home on this land were ordered to begin in 1981 by a man by the name of John Hall. Hall had embezzled money from his company for its construction, but was never able to put enough funding together for the completion of what was supposed to be his dream home, originally named Carillon Tower.


Over $2 million was put into the construction of the very strange structure, and by 1993 Hall was forced to sell the property as part of a bankruptcy settlement. In 1995, the property was purchased by Silver Tower Inc., but not before suffering major fire damage. Local legends say that Hall had set fire to his own property out of a fit of anger when what he had viewed as his dream property had failed to sell in auction.


These stories surfaced due to Hall’s legal troubles 3 years later. Though there is no documentation of arson being one of Hall’s charges, he was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison, and two years of probation in 1998 after having plead guilty to bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, and concealing foreign assets from creditors.

halls tower yeeDSC00133DSC00117DSC00087-5
The tower now remains nothing more than a bleak skeleton of what was once imagined as something beautiful, towering eerily over the land. Interested explorers over the years have attempted a climb to the top, but unfortunately had found their fate at the bottom of the elevator shaft after falling from 10 stories up. This has lead to the expansion of urban legends, saying that spirits at the top have thrown the visitors to the bottom.


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