Lost Among the Mess


A few years back, I had explored some beautiful, though quite dilapidated homes through Ashtabula, OH. Nothing out of the ordinary from one of the many frequent days spent exploring this summer, however one thing had caught my eye.

During the exploration of one of these many crumbling abodes, I noticed a pair of discs labeled “Afghanistan.” I picked up the discs, dusted them off and brought them straight to my laptop, only to discover some incredible footage from US troops when they were stationed in Afghanistan.


It’s sad, knowing that somewhere along the lives of this home’s former inhabitants, these discs were buried beneath the mess and left behind. I will only post this one image and a single video from the discs, as I do not want to post everything, but rather find the source of these discs. With help from everybody, I think this could be a possibility. I have made some attempts at contacting two pages, which I believe to be the original source of these discs, but we will have to wait and see.






As the video clip ends, you can see that the disc originated from a LCpl. Charles Poag. I am not entirely knowledgeable of what the other letter and number combinations mean. It’s incredible how much is left behind, and unless stumbled upon by an explorer or otherwise, most of it will forever fade into a forgotten past. There is so much more history surrounding us than any of us could ever know – and imagining how much has been lost – how much we will never see…it’s upsetting.

Once again, I would like to say that I will not be posting a ton of images or videos from these discs, as I would first like to be in contact with the one who created them.


11 thoughts on “Lost Among the Mess

  1. A quick Google search: 22 Marine Expeditionary Unit. So, Marine Corps. Camp Lejeune, NC. I would say see if you can call down and get in touch with someone. The base might like this footage. Not sure that they could direct you to Corporal Poag. Maybe a people search?


  2. It is, indeed, heartbreaking how much history is lost through carelessness and neglect, and through misfortune. Many people would give anything to have their personal treasures, a little piece of their past… What you do is admirable. Going through what others have cast off or simply been forced to leave behind and capturing this with your camera. I did things like this in my youth, but life, family and complications forced me to abandon this love. I enjoy seeing your work because it’s a piece of the forgotten world and of the forgotten me.


  3. I am now SSgt Charles Poag, the night vision video was if a historical combat resupply from a C130 at night (first time it was done since Vietnam). Please feel free to get a hold of me if you have any questions.


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