Connected to our Surroundings

I have been thinking about the afterlife quite a lot lately, after having lost someone very close to me. That day, I just stared off into the world around me, and began to realize this intense silence, normally cluttered with noise of both thought and physical environment. It was in this oddly calming silence that I began to see even deeper into the beauty of my surroundings.

Mind Path

Frozen in a Line

Coastal Shenanigans

Beneath the Blossom

Perhaps when our loved ones pass away, they stay right here – in every cloud, every autumn leaf, and every breath of wind. It’s them we see, glowing in every blood red summer sunset, flowing through the veins of our atmosphere, filling them with beauty. They sit within each snowflake, being carried safely from the winter sky, unique just as we all are. With every wave swept in from the sea, they’re attempting to grab the hand of someone they loved. There they are, sharing with you their world – the immeasurable beauty, which they always wanted to share while alive, but could never express through words, nor photograph. Their imagination, their entire mind displayed brilliantly before your very eyes. They now have this incredible ability to show you the world as they had always seen it. Maybe this is why we become more aware and appreciative of our surroundings as we grow older, and more familiar with the ways of life. Maybe this is them wanting us to be happy, reminding us that this life is beautiful.

Avon Sunflower Field II

Aurora Over Erie II

Arrival to Oregon

Archery and Waterfalls

I really want everyone to remember this, and think about it every now and then in life.

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