Euclid Square Mall

Euclid Square Mall – Abandoned? Or just an eerie reminder of how easily we forget?

I wanted to post this here, before more lies begin to surface across the face of the Internet. There’s a difference between having a little bit of fun, telling a story and just purely blasting a bunch of lies to people who are actually interested in LEARNING about our history. Why would you want to give a false history? Isn’t the point of documenting these places to bring a bit of attention to the matter at hand of all that we have left behind?







This is Euclid Square Mall – it’s not abandoned, though it has been re-purposed in ways. These vacated shops were replaced with local churches and organizations over the course of some years. Opened in 1977, Euclid Square Mall was a regional mall, housing two anchor stores – local chains Higbee’s, and May Co.



Though it has indeed been a dead mall since the 90s, these eerily quiet, seemingly abandoned halls are still filled with the chorus ensembles of their equally as eerie, almost post-apocalyptic church groups. I mean, gathering in a formerly abandoned mall? Sounds like something I would always be down to do, but…


In 1997, rumors erupted when talk started that Kaufmann’s would soon be closed, being dragged into expansion plans for a separate shopping center. People were absolutely right, when only a year later, Kaufmann’s closed their doors. Traffic to the mall fell shorter and shorter as time dragged on – one store after another completely shutting down. By 2002, occupancy was at an all time low, and access to Dillard’s upper level was ceased.

















By 2004, vendors by the name of Outlets USA took over the former Kauffman’s space, moving in if only for a short couple of years. In 2006, it was decided by the mall’s owner that it was “not a good blend of merchants and tenants,” and Outlets USA was removed from the property.

That same year, a proposal was made to include this vacated space as part of a reconstruction project, dealing with a nearby abandoned industrial park. As we can see, that plan fell through, as the mall now sits half-lit and eerie, housing 24 churches. The winter months are cold, and it can FEEL like you are in a truly abandoned structure…but I give it at LEAST 5-10 more years. That might be too generous…














I remember first visiting this mall, waiting for the final store to close. Dillard’s outlet was eventually shuttered for good, when their lease finally ended in 2013 – they were probably ecstatic. So if you have read about this elsewhere, saying that it has been “abandoned,” this is just not fully the case. Eerie? Yes.








3 thoughts on “Euclid Square Mall

  1. How are you getting in there? I tried with my friends for over three years (with the help of a friend who happened to be a police officer) lol


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