Life in the City

During our explorations throughout Cleveland, we sometimes stumble upon more than just vacant and decaying structures. On this particular day, we met up with a very unique group of people. The homeless of West Cleveland line the train tracks across from Train Ave. and John and Theresa are a couple of the most interesting people I have met in a while. They are together, and they are there for each other. I think I can honestly say I believe they do love each other; sticking with each other for years in this same spot.


I believe urban exploration photography is not strictly about the structures; but the life around them as well. People normally look past this part of our cities, and even around the world. I have met, and become friends with some of the most chill, down to Earth people through some of these explorations. These people are happier than most even when they have nothing. John and Theresa are two of the nicest people I have met in a long time. They offered us water because we were thirsty…the only clean bottled unopened water they had…we didn’t take that from them of course. Just the fact that somebody with nothing is willing to give basically the little bit of what they have to people they have just met really makes me look up to them and respect them even more. John wanted the photos printed of him and his girlfriend. I brought the photos to them and they loved them. I am planning to go out and bring lunch and chat with them some more soon. They were happy to make new friends.


Not every homeless person puts themselves into a bad situation, some were born into it while others may have just lost their way. We should at least try to keep an open mind and not judge so quickly. I’m not in any way saying to do as we have done, because yes there can be some dangerous people out there. What I am saying is sometimes your help goes to people who truly deserve it.

Sorry for my lack of posting recently, but before this weekend I will have an awesome series of photos and writing to share here! So make sure to check back! 🙂


One thought on “Life in the City

  1. In the talks I have given about my Urbex work – I too try to tie in the way we look past the unpleasantness of decaying structures and the forgotten people all around us. Great shots here – I do local homeless outreach and find these folks to usually be very helpful to one another.


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