In Plain Sight

On my way out today to complete a job, something different caught my eye…Now, I have driven this route many times, back and forth from the mall or The Cheese Cake Factory, and not once have I ever noticed this large plot of forgotten land, buildings grouped together, that had been built during the late 1800s through early 1900s.

During this year, there have been a couple times where I find myself scratching my head, wondering how the hell I could miss a place that is practically RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACEBut that is what exploration is all about, always finding new things where you would least expect them, and concluding with a brand new experience.

With a gloomy, overcast sky overhead, I stumbled through the brush and broken rocks, planting behind the disused greenhouse. These glass structures now sit as cracked reminders, fading away with the rest of this site’s history. At the front of this property remains a small section, formerly for housing horses during the late 1800s through early 1900s, now used for storage on occasion.

These grounds were originally home to traveling slaves who had escaped during the times of the Underground Railroad. Sometimes you can stumble upon the strangest of history when just wandering around, even when the area is largely familiar. The more this happens to me, the more I continue to keep my eyes open more and more at every little detail of life and the world around me…considering I already examined it pretty damn closely, I might end up never blinking…


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