The Glass Forest

We are so familiar with the vibrant, lively look and feel of the average greenhouse. These large spaces, usually built of glass, invite the sun in and encourage the growth of flowers, foods and more. But what happens when these structures are forgotten? What happens when we leave something of this nature to nature? We find quite a vibrant scene of natural destruction.

Considering the fact that these spaces are built specifically to motivate the growth of plants, I’m sure you could imagine that once left to rot, it might not be doing much “rotting.”

Walking through these spaces during the summer months, we find trees that have grown unruly, forcing themselves through glass panels across the roof, vines twisting their way around metal beams within the architecture and a floor covered in knee-high grass. The life growing within these glass houses will never take a back seat, even when left untouched, for the conditions are ideal. They will always push, reaching towards the sun.

During winter months, we find a drastic change of scenery still unlike any thought of a “normal” greenhouse view. We find snow falling into the glass forest, coating the bare, twisting branches of trees, covering the floor and filling a space being reclaimed by Mother Nature. These winter months give a much more quiet display with an almost post-apocalyptic stage.

Bringing back the summer once more, with every passing year, the glass structure will continue to be consumed by trees, moss, ivy and other various plants until finally being swallowed entirely by our Earth.

These spaces show us truly how strong nature is, and how beautiful of a destruction it can create. Welcome to the glass forest.

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