A Loved One Lost and Missed


Every now and then, here and there I will post something unrelated to exploration, if I feel that I just want to share it, or get it off my chest. And I just feel this is one of those moments. I want to share the life of this dog, who became a family member to us. She existed. She was here once, and now she’s gone. She should be mentioned. I’m just missing her. Feelings are funny.

Around 2002-2003 we had rescued a dog from a New Jersey farm where she was left, to be pecked at by chickens in the summer heat. She was a very happy, and loving dog. She was always someone that could listen, WOULD listen, and unlike talking to a human when you talk to an animal you don’t have to worry about being judged for anything you say. Around January of 2012, our dog, and now family member had started to become ill with liver problems. We didn’t know what to think as it started to get progressively worse, so in February of this same year we brought her to the vet. They ran tests and still weren’t quite sure if it was fatal at first, and we had to bring her to another doctor to get an ultrasound. They had now come to a conclusion that it may not get better, and only get worse over time. Jersey remained happy through the next month despite being sick. Her stomach and legs started to swell larger as time went by. She started to be selective about when she would want to eat, and some days wouldn’t even want to eat at all. Instead she would just lay down and remain quiet, no longer the spunky animal she used to be. Some days were better than others, and some days the swelling in her legs would even go down significantly. We waited to see if maybe there was a chance she could pull through it, and maybe she was just temporarily sick. Even after a few more trips to the vet, they said she wasn’t ready yet and may still have it in her. The last couple of weeks it started getting significantly worse, and she lost all energy to do much of anything. No more barking, no more chasing anything around, no eating, and throwing up mostly any water she would drink. My mother did the best she could to make her last few days a dogs paradise. The final day, I watched her hop up into the car to head to the vet. It’s amazing how much you can feel, and see in a dogs eyes and emotions; how they connect to you and know you as not only an owner but an actual friend, especially when the last moments you know you will ever see, or touch them are happening. Jersey was an amazing, loving dog and she will always be missed. She lived a very happy life, and was an amazing friend, and part of our family. In the days of being tired, and being in pain, sometimes an escape is the best. She’s no longer in pain, and if there is an afterlife then I am sure hers is perfect.


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