Print Giveaways

The contest to enter and win this photo will run from Thursday July 16, 2015, through August 1, 2015 – when I will announce the winner!

To enter for the chance to win a free signed 8×10 print of the photo below, follow these few simple steps below the photo!

PHOTO # 83


1. SHARE this page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, anything at all (or all of them it’s up to you!)

2. LIKE my page on facebook at – and post a comment, letting me know you are there!

3. On Facebook, where it says you have my page “liked” – click there and make sure this is checked, just as below! This will help make sure that you see posts, because I’ll miss you if Facebook stops letting you see the posts I share! 😦
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 4.31.58 PM

4. Enter with the form below, using a real email (because I need to contact you if you are chosen) and leave a message about why you would like to win!

Thank you for entering and I wish everybody good luck!


15 thoughts on “Print Giveaways

  1. Love the architectural element of the brick that creates the inviting path away…into the privacy of the enticing, welcoming, comforting cool green trees.


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