Free Downloads

FREE Lightroom presets for the holidays!

Click the picture below to download a free collection of 22 Lightroom presets that make up the “Raspberry Tea” collection. I have selected these 22 presets, being some of my favorite presets I have created in 2016 to use while editing photos of abandoned places, nature or anything else! In this pack, you will find some great and crazy color effects! Have fun with it!




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24 thoughts on “Free Downloads

  1. You are a beaming light my friend. I just met you this evening. It’s sort of like having someone tell you they play guitar and you listen to them for the first time…and yes…the guitar is finely tuned…indeed you are a spectacular. Pleasure is mine.

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    1. Hey! I’m glad you found my site! I have been away from the site for a little bit, just been getting everything situated. We met at the bar, correct? Thank you for your kind words!


  2. Great photography! Very cool website. You have been to alot of amazing places! Is there still a way to get this collection of lightroom presets? my browser isnt showing the email form. Thanks for sharing your images!


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