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    1. “The Tavern is no longer open to the public, but those interested can still see the building and its historical markers.” You the building and its historical markers on the internet. leaving little revenue coming back to the Madison Historical Society or the community. I do not understand the point of spending all the money on The Old Tavern, if that is the case. Why ask the community to preserve The Tavern, when The Madison Historical Society, are only allowed to view it? I think the money could be used for those in bondage today.
      I lived in Madison and the Tavern was a place we often frequented as a family for dinner. Nor can I measure the impact seeing the tunnel as child. I attended parties as a child and an adult there. My mom loved to just stop and see what was “new-Antique” in their store that day. I cannot count the memories I have from The Tavern, is near and dear to my heart.
      My daughter and I were trying to come up with the funds to purchase her the Madison Historical Society played fair and let it go to auction. However, as much dearly love her, If“The tavern is no longer open to the public, but those interested can still see the building and its historical markers.” if this is the case she will still stand dead, like she does in the ruins, no music, no laughter, no over majestic feeling of those that came before. Jjust the memory of a cold brass late would rather see the money being spent on the past for The Old Tavern, to be used for


  1. as posted on facebook, I am contacting you for a free copy of your empty spaces book. I loved looking at your posts on fb. Sad that I don’t see them anymore.


  2. I am so pleased I ordered your book yesterday! It is beautiful, interesting, and thought provoking. I first “discovered” you on YouTube; my favourite video clips are of “The Ledges” and the two of the rain, one from inside a car, and one of the rain coming in the missing glass of the windows of the former Westinghouse building.
    I am perusing your book very, very slowly as I find it so fascinating. Thank you for sharing your vision and viewpoints with us. I will write a review for iBooks when I am done looking, which may be quite some time from today! My favourite thus far is the Steele mansion. Well done!


  3. As the Alexander Harper Family Society (AHFS) prepares for it June 22 reunion in the Madison-Ashtabula area, I checked in on the progress of the restoration of the Old Tavern in Unionville, Such great things are happening! We are the Harpers who are associated with Shandy Hall not far from the tavern. We would like to visit the Old Tavern the morning of the June 22nd and have someone get us an update. Who should I contact to see if such a meeting is possible?Julie Noble, Treasurer of the AHFS


  4. Johnny Joo, WOW! WHERE to begin… With my utter praise of your AMAZING work! Furthermore, your writing format in and of itself is so moving, I am in mere awe! I’d love like hell to do an explore with you. For what it’s worth, I too am an Urbexer. Though nowadays OFF-LIMITS, the Detroit Train Station (a 22-story structure), was an incredible place, no doubt. I’d LOVE more info on your works, etc. Your work and your mind, hand-in-hand are absolutely epic!

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