You’ll Never Believe What Was Left Behind Inside These Abandoned Places! šŸ˜¢

Along my journeys, I find quite a lot of abandoned things. Sometimes it’s something small like tea cups, clothes or jewelry, and other times, a bit more significant such as an abandoned 1920s Bugatti, WWII aircraft. You know, things that are in the average person’s kitchen cabinet, or under their bed. But sometimes, I come across something that truly floors me, and leaves me speechless. Sometimes I come across something so incredible, I wonder how anyone, in any part of the world could even begin to think about leaving it behind. It’s at this moment that I pull out my camera to capture it, so that it may continue to at least tell a story as an incredibly important part of our history.


What most people don’t think about is how loved and cherished these were. I’d imagine there are at least 100 unforgettable memories for this one alone.


When I sit down and reflect in such a beautiful and peaceful place, I wonder to myself ‘what are they doing without it now?’ I shudder to think…How does one leave something so important in life behind?

KNOCK KNOCK…who’s there?

“Is me.”

I think it has truly become clear just how wasteful we are as a society when things like this can just be tossed as if they’re worthless. I’m honestly unable to say much more on the matter as I am at a loss for words, but please enjoy the following gallery of images. Please, let us be more mindful of things like this in life.


2 thoughts on “You’ll Never Believe What Was Left Behind Inside These Abandoned Places! šŸ˜¢

  1. Highway signs are my only clue to what might be left in a place like this.

    One sign has a photo of a toilet like these with the words: “Meth over this? And then pregnancy?”


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