The Most Incredible Abandoned Places – Unbuilt by Time

With many requests, it’s finally here! (Kittens at end of this blog post)
Over the last few years, since the creation of my first book Empty Spaces, and my second book Americana Forgotten, I have often been asked when there will be a book containing my best and most notable photos. Well, I am excited to announce that it’s finally here, and will be released as a limited edition, 200-page hardcover book called “Unbuilt by Time: The World We Once Knew.”
Unbuilt by Tme Front Cover 1
You may be aware that in the last week or so, I had originally  announced this book as a 151-page hardcover. Well, lucky for everyone who has pre-ordered or plans to pre-order, this page count has since changed! After countless hours spent consuming 10,000 cups of coffee to make it through the final editing process, trying to decide what should and should not all be included, I still failed to decide. There were so many things that I felt could not possibly be left out, and my indecisiveness got the best of me. Finally, I came to the decision to add 49 extra pages! I know what you’re thinking – “that’s cool” – and you are more than correct! Thank you for being on my side with this.
heart tree
Yes, that is a heart shaped tree!

Over the years, I have journeyed to many incredible locations all across the United States, documenting the abandoned and forgotten structures sprawled across our country, that we have simply left behind. This book is a 200-page spotlight on the most incredible, and most important places I have visited, showcasing my best and favorite photographs taken over the last 10 years.

Above, you can see the front cover for this book (but you’ll have to order a copy to see the back, insides, spine, paper texture, coolest photo book ever (at least one of them), table of contents, writing, etc.) I’m quite excited about this book, as it showcases so much of what has brought me to where I am as a photographer and artist over the last 10 years. These images have helped me grow, and branch off in numerous ways creatively. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t even be lucky enough to be posting here, sharing this with you all today. I thank you all so much for following my work and showing your support.


Over these years, I have lived and breathed through my photography, and other creations in a way indescribable by only words. I can say however, that having the ability to continue creating has been what has given life to my creative inspiration in so many ways. From the creation of Empty Spaces, to Our Future, Americana Forgotten, Travel Antics and the numerous other projects I have shared via Facebook or Youtube, I thank everyone here for helping push these projects into creation with your amazing continued support of my work. I never would have imagined 10 years, or even 3 years ago when I lost my job (and was worried I was about to lose a lot more), that I would be speaking to fans of my work, or that I would have so many incredible, and interested people to share my creations with. Thank you all for helping me begin the journey into doing what I love.

Back to this new book – some of the locations to be featured include Rolling Acres Mall, Randall Park Mall, Pontiac Silverdome, Mike Tyson’s mansion, Land of Oz, Foresthaven Asylum, and many more. The book is a limited edition hardcover, in 8.5×11 size, and will all come signed. It is available for pre-order on my website at the link below. Thank you everyone for your years of amazing support, and I can’t wait to share this (what I think is one of my best pieces of work so far) with you!

Kittens added simply for cuteness (see below for a set of sample images from the book and pre-order link):
unbuilt by time photo preview

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