The Eerie Halls of a Forgotten Asylum


This asylum formerly housed hundreds – and over time – thousands of patients, who were seen as “unfit” for society in earlier ages of treatment and medicine.


Their families had left them behind, and never once looked back. When these patients would pass away, their bodies were often buried throughout a field with unmarked graves.



The graves stretch over a thousand yards through the property.


The spiral stairs, among other beautiful architecture throughout these grounds sits now only collecting dust, being slowly dilapidated by the passing of time.


Over the years, our treatment has improved, and laws have been placed that forbid former horrific treatments. We have a larger community that sees past mental illness and realizes that it is not as bad as it was once made out to be. The less we continued to glorify it, the better our medical systems have become. Though they are still far from perfect, we should be happy that a lobotomy isn’t the initial go-to cure for every slight mental disability.





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