Ashtabula Towne Square

The other day, I visited the Ashtabula Towne Square Shopping Center, and was welcomed by grand architecture and a space with great potential.

This mall was built and opened in 1992 with a capacity for 70 stores, along with food court and a 6-screen movie theatre. While only 29 stores hold places within here, the mall is still quite vibrant with active human life. JC Penny and Super K Mart remain to be the only 2 anchor stores left of he former 6, which included Sears, Steve and Barry’s and two separate Dillard’s locations.

Soon enough, K Mart will be shuttering its doors for good, leaving JC Penny as the only remaining anchor store. Now, most who have watched my work over the last few years may have realized – when all anchors close, the mall will usually be sent into a very fast downward spiral. With Ashtabula Towne Square however, I do not see this happening any time soon. The mall still remains quite lively throughout the other remaining stores, and looking into the future, I would love to do something to help this along.

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