Elderwood Ave.

Here is a before and after image, showing the changes that have taken place in just this past year on the crumbling streets of Elderwood Ave. in East Cleveland. I took a short ride down the street the other day while passing through the area, and noticed that they have been removing all trees and trash, readying to tear down the rest of these beautiful, old, broken buildings. The world is such a strange place. These were once brand new structures, beautiful and radiant – full of life on the inside and out. I’m sure the streets were flooded with laughter of children, families conversing and morning to evening traffic of those leaving and returning from work. Lights would set windows aglow – a warm orange in the calm summer evenings, with the chirping of cicadas at neighborhood doors. While families sat watching the world go by, nobody ever imagined that it would all end up like this one day.

elderwood split

I will always feel such a strong importance in preserving the memories of these places, however possible. Whether it be via video, photo, writing or other forms of artistic communication, we must save their stories.

Parts of this same street were featured in my video, “Our Future” which can be viewed below:


4 thoughts on “Elderwood Ave.

  1. I totally agree with you about the sadness of tearing down old buildings, hidious and something that hurts deep down. We have something like that happening in Liverpool just now…endless streets of boarded up houses..where generation lived and died. Your video bears out your feelings about the matter. Very good and deeply disturbing and moving.


  2. Pretty sad to see,what once was great ,but for others to go in and to do more damage. I dont see how or why they get there humour from! But i do know that,your video was remarkable you get 5 thumbs up bro!! Great job!!!


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