The Station of Lost Dreams

The Station of Lost Dreams

Just what is it about our attitudes, which makes us so quick to forget?

Often, our beautiful structures to which we were once so attached, become nothing more than a lousy mess.

Hastily, our days move past, too fast for us to even perceive these structures we neglect.

New technology, to take place of the old – many of us too blind to see that the old can last, if given the chance.

Can you imagine – a hustling, bustling society, greeting a brand new day?

Everybody hurrying between hallways – a station full of voices, before this grey future replaced by decay.

Not today.

And what about the minds of our future generations?

Just listen…

Open your ears…

Hear, hear – they’re here, and hear here is perfect for their ideas.

Now, there, there – their plans are only to replace our history.

Could it be, that some of us simply give up far too easily?

Every one of us has the ability to spark change, so there’s no time for

“Nobody believes in me.”

An entire planet sits before you, and creating that initial ripple is not as difficult as it may seem to be.

Just think of our current state – think about the waste we create, and how we let our creations depreciate until they finally rot away.

Our world will be shattered by a careless future, if we don’t make an attempt to communicate.

Heretics of architectural grandeur – our aesthetics will become broken beneath their ideals.

New frameworks will replace old, forlorn structures to conform to new forms, replacing our past;

Commonplace, cookie-cutter creations, constructed with little care, lacking true craft.

Everything gone, our cities and towns will be left with nothing.


And the future will never see.



2 thoughts on “The Station of Lost Dreams

  1. Quite, I couldn’t agree more, there are some who do speak out with the clout to be heard but….in the meantime one city , looks very much like another…individuality gone, beauty brief and fading fast.


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