Knox County Poorhouse



One of the coolest old abandoned buildings in Ohio caught fire this year. I have said it before, but I will continue to say it – this is why I believe what I do is important. These places will not be here forever, and recently so many have been disappearing in so many different ways. It’s very important to document these structures for generations to come after us, even long after we are gone.

The Knox County Poorhouse:

Built in 1875 to house the poor of Knox County, this Victorian era beauty was actually ranked as one of the largest buildings in not only the county, but the entire state of Ohio – this title was not held for long however.

The structure operated as a poorhouse for 75 years, until switching hands. Seventy-five years of misery for those families who had fallen into the misfortune of being forced into bringing their families here. These halls saw some of the darkest days, littered with depression so much that it had gained quite a reputation for being truly haunted, if only with the lingering of so much torment.

Years later, it was transformed into a haunted house, known as “The House of Nightmares,” but in 2007 was closed due to collapse and deterioration of many areas within. The poorhouse once again became nothing more than an empty, haunting shell; a reminder of darker days.











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