Prayers for Maria

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

As you know, if you follow my blog, I will now and then post various thoughts or cool and awesome happenings that I may have captured – I am not strictly glued to architectural afterlife as this is my body of work. This is one of those moments where I feel I would like to share something that I recently photographed – a beautiful place and a beautiful memorial.

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

The sunflowers were planted as a memorial for Maria (Prayers for Maria), a little girl who died of childhood glioma. Her mother had them planted about 4 years ago and they planted MANY more seeds this year.


Avon Lake Sunflower Field

They try to raise awareness of childhood glioma. Over 97% of children with the worst of gliomas, diffuse pontine gliomas, die within two years. The foundation has been raising money for research into this, which is very under-looked and under researched.

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

They have been able to raise at least half a million towards the study and research so far.

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

Over 2 million sunflower seeds were planted here in Avon Lake, Ohio in memory of a little girl who suffered brain tumors, eventually passing away. Her mother now cares for this field every year in memory of her daughter, raising more awareness of these conditions.

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

It’s a beautiful place, and I would say worth checking out – over a mile of sunflowers. She is a wonderful person. From prints I sell of these images, proceeds will be going to her.

Avon Lake Sunflower Field

Direct link to photos by clicking HERE


3 thoughts on “Prayers for Maria

  1. I currently live in Avon Lake…they have planted ALOT more flowers this year. Last year it was basically one long row…now its looks as if its an entire field. Its right off 90 between Nagle and Rt 83 exits on the corner of Jaycox and Nagle Rds…definetly different and worth checking out if your nearby.


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