Our Future


As I was saying, I have decided to post the video 6 hours early! It is now live on Youtube and you can watch it by clicking the link below! Share this post for the chance to win the 15×20 print I was talking about earlier! Let’s all share it at the same time! I’m excited for everyone to see it and I hope you all enjoy it! Sharing is very much appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Our Future

  1. Johnny,

    You are amazingly talented!! Your film really touched me and made me think! Keep up the good work! Shared and will continue to reshare! I still need to send you a picture of where I hung the print I bought a few months ago. Will do so this weekend!



  2. Beautiful! I admire you greatly for what you are trying to do. I am not much of a social media person–but I shared the video through the avenues I do use :-).


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