Our Future – 8.15.15

I was staying in Oregon for the better part of 2 months. Each day was filled with either a crazy adventure through nature, or an exploration through the cracking corridors of an incredible abandoned structure. Exploring abandoned places on your own – especially when you are 2,500 miles from home – is always an interesting experience. During these adventures around the wonderful state of Oregon, I discovered some of the most amazing areas – natural, as well as naturally destroyed. Standing alone, amidst these eerie, empty structures day-by-day can bring so much into perspective. I had all the time in the world to reflect, examining each and every fragment of these broken lives, which laid before me. I found it peaceful to carry my journal into a lit space, and simply fall into the blank pages as they fluttered open in my palms. I was never quite certain where my thoughts would wander, but I’m glad they ended up where they did.

I sat with my back pressed to a partially shattered window. A lulling silence swept the room – the only sounds being that of pages sliding against one another in a journal held open before me. A pen clasped tightly between my fingers sporadically spilled ink onto the pages like an angry octopus. I sat atop grass, which had now made its way through the wooden floorboards of a forgotten kitchen. Blades bent beneath my figure as I scribbled scattered thoughts, musing over the surreal scenery surrounding me.

elderwood house

In one world, I realized I had no clue where my thoughts were taking me – but in the alternate, I was completely content with that. Awaiting the outcome, I slipped away into my surroundings like they were a silent sedative. Upon reading through my writing, I realized that this would be a perfect piece to combine my favorite things – photography and music. This would be not only a chance, but a challenge to do something to a degree that I have not done. I’ve never put my thoughts out there in such a way, visually and audibly.

Photo by Ryan Bassett during a day when I filmed some clips for the video.

I have never talked so much in a video before. I’ve never actually put something out like this, and I’m excited that it has come to completion. I hope to share it far and wide, in an attempt to truly speak to people through my work in a way I have not yet, but always hoped to. It’s a weird feeling, having never truly put something like this out there to share with the world, but I hope that everybody will enjoy this, share and be inspired. We all have to make some kind of different moves in life, right? It has been quite an experience and hopefully there will be even more! This is just a small first step…



Over the course of the last few weeks, myself and a group of friends have accomplished so much. I could not have asked for a better group of friends and people to help in the creation and completion of this project, turning it into something truly awesome. A vision has become a reality, and I will now be able to share it with everybody. Without this amazing group, this would not have come together in such an incredible way, and I can’t thank them enough for being not only an amazing and talented group, but amazing friends. Thank you all.


It does not matter how many bumps lay in the path to your goals in life. Though a sidewalk may be cracked and broken, it does not change direction. Continue to follow it, and you will be carried to your destination.

I will be posting the video on 8.15.15 and it can be found at my youtube channel here – http://www.youtube.com/UrbexUS


I hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Our Future – 8.15.15

  1. Really looking forward to this, anticipating with pleasure your video! I love what you do and love how you do it. I’m enjoying your book immensely.


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