Building Falls to The Street in Cleveland

So this will be a bit of a quick post – but something crazy that happened today. I mean, it’s not everyday that you see some wild stuff like this happen, which is why I ALWAYS bring a camera with me wherever I go. As a photojournalist of any kind, I feel that’s probably the most important thing to remember. It’s also important to remember that anything can happen at any time.

I was headed out to Cleveland to meet about a photography job downtown. After speaking to whom I was initially meeting with, I decided to walk over and photograph The Arcade. (Of the numerous times I have been to Cleveland, I have never once been inside there.) Since it was a very short walk – basically across the street – that is where I headed.

The Arcade was pretty relaxing. Only a couple of people were wandering back and forth, including one man who I had met at the Cleveland Museum of Art earlier this year. After sitting around inside the arcade, shooting some photos, listening to smooth jazz and talking to people, I packed my stuff up and was headed out to my car.

As I wandered from The Arcade’s doors, I turned a corner and “BOOM!”

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I see a car smashed beneath the wall falling from a building on E6th street. Apparently the parapet became weak, turning to basically sand from acidic rain, and due to heavy winds was just pushed, literally, over the edge. The sound was like a bomb going off, as a massive 20 foot section of wall came crashing to the streets. Meanwhile, my car is parked about 70 feet away. I’m quite glad my car wasn’t smashed, but I am very sorry to the man who was parked here. Ohio is ridiculous.

“Here’s some 80 degree weather! And a wall. Followed by a storm, with cold wind and rain.”

8 7 6 5

Thanks Ohio.

Other than that, I did actually get some photos of the Arcade. I can successfully check that off my list of “why the f876 have I not visited these places?”



2 thoughts on “Building Falls to The Street in Cleveland

  1. Talk about perfect, or not so perfect (minivan) timing! So many buildings around down there, that nobody knows the decrepit, hazardous, conditions there in. Almost not surprising in a way.


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