The World Sits Frozen

The world sits frozen, as skeletons of tree branches reach up toward the empty white sky. Deep sighs leave the air clouded with a crystallized haze of my breath as I sit, facing the broken glass of a rusted bus window.


I wonder – why do the good things have to die, and sometimes seemingly before their time? Not only people, but the entirety of life that surrounds us?

In the distance, a scattered image of death paints the horizon, but to my eyes…to my eyes, this death can be beautiful.

PHOTO # 134
PHOTO # 134

Spring brings us rebirth – flowers push from dirt, reaching upwards toward the trees towering over them. The Earth displays life, and as these trees are now covered in green leaves, do you see? Can you see that this world is still beautiful? Do you see that death does not end a living thing? All continues to breathe – physically…spiritually.

PHOTO # 139
PHOTO # 139

Let us look past these seemingly sad days, the clouded skies and cold winds. Without darkness, we would not understand the light – we could not comprehend these important emotions. Use these emotions to learn, and push them away as you use them to create.

– Written during winter of 2013


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