A Message From A Guy Who Loves Cats

Being an artist of any sort, you will always have groups of people against you to speak their differing views of how they believe the world should be, and at times how they think that should not include you. I receive many negative comments, continuously for the past 8 years or so of doing what I do. These negative comments have only helped shape me into the artist and person I have become over time.


I was told by someone just the other day that they would rather kill themselves than read through another one of my awful writings. It must be quite powerful to make you feel that way, yeah? I have to say though, that’s somewhat a ridiculous way of thinking. Sure, I might not be a great writer…but I can’t have someone else account for my personal experience through these places.


As an artist, no matter who you are or what you do, never take offense from comments like this; use these as a learning experience and motivation to grow.


If you are going to bash someone for what they do but can’t give creative input and constructive criticism on how you think it should be changed, then keep it out of your mouth. If you can give constructive criticism and both you and the artist agree, the artist can take that and go from there. Alternatively, if the artist does not agree, it is up to them to not implement suggested changes.


Being an artist, you need to do what makes you feel, and you will always have people that talk down on you because not everybody will understand these emotions you put into your work. Think of some of your favorite music, food, movies, artists…every one of them will have groups that dislike them. So yeah sure, maybe my writing is not the greatest, but it’s my way of documenting life around me. And hey, with negative comments comes even more reason to work harder towards larger goals, so I thank not only my friends, family, all of the amazing people who support me as fans of my work, but those who speak negatively as well! Everything helps along the journey!

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At the end of the day, I always look at anything I have created and try to tell myself how I could have done better, constantly pushing for a greater result than the last, and as an artist this is something you should practice. If we were “perfect” what would there be to improve on? If you thought you did absolutely nothing wrong, where will you go from there? Getting into this habit, when I look at something, if I see nothing wrong with it in my own eyes, I feel that I have done something right.


So take the negative comments as one of the greatest tools at your disposal and don’t let them get you down! If you are looking to continue in the art world as a life career, you will have books full of hate from those who oppose, trust me. I simply smile at it anymore. πŸ™‚

So I apologize for the rant, and I hope that I did not annoy anybody, just felt the need to voice some crap. I will soon post a piece about abandoned and forgotten country homes across the Eastern US.



8 thoughts on “A Message From A Guy Who Loves Cats

  1. You are absolutely right- people should follow their hearts and understand that there will always be people who don’t like what they do- but there will also be ones along the way who will stand by your side.
    I started reading this because you said you liked cats πŸ™‚

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  2. Johnny, it’s great to know that you don’t let negative people get you down! When a person is out there in the public eye– jealousy, hate, envy abound. But at the same time you have folks like me that love your work and support you! And look forward to your next venture! PS, I think you’re a very creative writer!


  3. Just tell them if they don’t like reading what you have to say, they can just let the pictures speak their own story. Isn’t it about the art in your photography anyway? The way these pictures make a person feel is going to be different from person to person and obviously the one who said he didn’t appreciate your writing may have been feeling completely differently about the photographs. It might have only been a differing emotional experience and your writing spoiled his own feelings.

    Anyway, I only started reading 2 weeks ago, and sometimes I don’t read your text at all, but I appreciate your adventures either way.


  4. At least you are doing something with your artistic passion – instead of just being negative. When someone hits me with a negative, I first consider the source – often that is enough to not give a toss about the comment. Keep up your good work.


  5. Hey, I’d rather hear what you have to say than the inane whining of some arsehole with too much time and little apparent talent. Keep writing about your experiences!


  6. Your photographs led me to your blog, which I subscribed to only because of your writing, not because I needed help with meaning. I know quite a few published writers, studied rhetoric, and am a librarian. Though no writing expert, me, I had to tell you, that when I first shared your blog with friends, and most of the discussion ensued over your photography, I again and again tried to convey how it was your ‘voice’ that imbued the images for me with life, with the moments of capture. I am one of your writing likers, who learns from the way you describe and comment asides; that there are scads and scads of lookers and readers like me is implicit. So, there. a note for the record. And bunches of thanks for the way you are sharing.


    1. Thank you so much Becky that means so much to me! I’m very happy that you have found me here and glad that you enjoy what I write and post. You’re awesome!


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