The Virginia Torture House

A short story about a strange find.

During our explorations in Virginia, word surfaced between our group of the Virginia “torture house.”


Visually reminiscent of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre scenario, this house sits off the side of town, amidst the middle of almost nothing, tucked away from civilization surrounding. Two perfectly dark and dead trees sit on either side of this crumbling madhouse once used as a place for torture…or perhaps some type of painful enjoyment.

Since previous days, the home has been mainly cleaned out other than a few small items, but when friends of ours would explore this a year or so ago, they stumbled upon some wild things, thus dubbing it the torture house. They told stories of this home as they found it, and I will be retelling them. This house has a mysterious past.


Now, it could purely be the fact that this home looks incredibly creepy through its own decay, while at the same time there could be a very dark past that lurking, painting a twisted picture of and insane life that this home has witnessed. When our friends wandered into this home unaware of what they might find, something took them by surprise far from items normally abandoned.

DSC06327-4 DSC06328

Sat against a wall remained the rusted metal framework of a small old mattress, while tied to it, a battery sat hooked to hand cuffs clamped onto the shaky metal frame. Chains sat at each side, ready to tie victims to this metal frame, perhaps even to hold their legs down. Was this a place of a twisted pleasure, or was this an incredibly odd torture device? There will never quite be a definite answer to this mystery, and even while torturous items have been removed, a single word remains scribbled upon the wall…”GOREgeous.”


Forgotten country homes can portray such a wide variety of stories reaching from one end of the spectrum to another. While some hold the innocent and forgotten memories of the former family in a soft and subtle way, showing a calming transition, while some showcase a chilling and almost eerie scene of a life forgotten, abruptly left behind with food still on the table and toys still sat in a crib. Others, such as in this case have a much darker and more cryptic presentation, where we can never be completely sure just what went on, leaving us guessing, fishing through a sea of scattered thought.

I am currently working on a very interesting story, soon to be posted here so keep checking back! The next set of photos will be a collection of quite an epic place. I can’t wait to share that with everybody!


11 thoughts on “The Virginia Torture House

  1. I just learned about you while watching MSNBC this morning. We share a passion of photographing the abandoned and forgotten places of the world.

    It would be great to join you on a photo safari sometime. Let me know when you are in the SoCal area and I can show you a few places. There is an abandoned mall down the street from me. I live in Lawndale, CA and the Hawthorne Mall has been closed for about 20 years. There are also thousands of places out in the desert that are cool.

    My ultimate subject would be the No-Go Zone on Cypress. Have you heard of it? It’s an area abandoned for 30 years that divides the Greek side from the Turkish side.

    Anyways, I am inspired by your work. Very cool. It’s got texture and color oozing out of it. Thanks.

    Andy G


  2. Good morning, Johnny. I hope you don’t take this wrong but grammatically speaking, the word “sat” should be either “SET or SITTING against a wall remained the rusted metal framework…” Such a fascinating and disturbing story of a house. Thank you for sharing. ~Jo

    Jo Simmons Heart and Soul Pet Care 206 300 8722



  3. GOREgeous
    is the name of a Horror Photography Company that got permission to use the house for a promotional shoot, apparanlty they vandalized.


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