Watch The Skies Tonight!

Hey everybody! Make sure you watch the skies towards the East tonight and tomorrow night/morning, because you may find quite possibly one of the best galactic shows you will see! Between 1-4am on the morning of the 14th (STAY UP, IT’S WAY MORE THAN WORTH IT) you will be able to see hundreds of meteors blasting through Earth’s atmosphere, glowing blue and seemingly STRIKING THE EARTH. It is definitely one of the most wild experiences and best meteor showers of the year. These meteors appear just near the constellation Gemini, hence the name.

I first saw this shower in 2012, when stepping out of my back door to go on a walk. I saw a massive blue streak across the sky and thought “IS THE WORLD ENDING?” I was taken away by how massive and beautiful what I just saw was, but didn’t know meteors could appear THAT huge.

I quickly rushed inside to grab my camera, set my tripod up, and as quickly as I could, made sure that all of my settings were on point to how I wanted them and within my first 10 second exposure, I captured this amazing and massive meteor sweeping the sky.

I can’t wait to go and capture more this year.

the universe is an amazing…completely jaw-dropping thing to watch unfold in front of your very own eyes.



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