Life In Cleveland’s West Side

Just a few nights ago, it was decided between a friend and I that we would take a small adventure to walk around downtown. I mean, the fact that downtown is only a short ride from our homes, why not go have a fun walk through the city?

Cleveland has gained such a negative reputation over the years for loss of jobs and industry, but lurking behind the grey skies hides a less talked about section of life, shining vibrantly in both the day and night.

Upon our arrival, the rain had just begun, of course, but that was not going to stop us from continuing our small journey. While wandering, shooting some photographs of lights reflecting on the wet ground, we stumbled into a bar down a beautifully lit alleyway. As an added bonus, this bar housed not only a great atmosphere and amazing people, but a bowling alley! Let’s not stray so quickly from the great employees though, one in particular being the one who tended to us at the bar…but a bowling alley as well!

You can always meet some interesting characters in the city, and they are not always horribly dangerous. (Not saying you should not take caution at times)

“I served some time in prison, and by the time I was out and returned home, I came home to find that my parents were dead. I try to sell these roses, trying to make a little bit of extra money, which is how I ended up losing my toes, during a cold winter out here.”

This guy was pretty chill and had some interesting stories to share. Nobody wanted to buy his roses though…hey I mean they were good roses.

Onward to our next destination, down a smaller alleyway, we had noticed a door leading into a place called Zocalo. What attracted us into here was the amazing spiral architecture leading from top to bottom. Soon we will be making a few more trips out, wandering around and I will be capturing more of Cleveland’s less talked about beautiful side.


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