The Steele Mansion – An Incredible Restoration

Good morning world! I am finally awake and I ended up waking up to a great story published by The News-Herald, written by Devon Turchan, on the restoration of The Steele Mansion along with my photography inside its walls over the years! I want to thank Carol Shamakian and Arthur Shamakian for making this project what it is, and putting so much amazing effort into saving this historic mansion, built in 1863. Most of the original pieces, all of the fireplaces, wood work, etc. have carefully been saved and I can’t wait to see this amazing structure come to life once again!

I remember seeing this structure without a ceiling, without floors in places and mold growing up through the walls while moss and nature started taking over areas. I remember having to cautiously walk across the second story and climbing to where there used to be a floor, where the stairs had then ended at a tall drop off to the ground.

My friends and I had spent many nights wandering the halls of this mansion, and it has now turned into easily one of the best restorations I have seen. I can’t wait to frame and hang the skeleton key on the wall Carol and Arthur are so generously granting me to display my photography. This house will forever have so much connection to my work, including pulling me in even further to the subject of urban exploration (before I even really knew it was a “thing”.)

Without this mansion, I’m not sure my interest in urban exploring would have went full force into my chosen subject of photojournalism. As much as I miss the eerie, quiet and beautiful decay of this place, I love seeing it restored as it should be. Thank you to EVERYONE who is making this project happen.

So many memories spent here with great friends, and only amazing stuff to come from here!

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