An Update On Books!

I am so excited to finally be able to announce (after trouble with the printers) that everything will FINALLY be ready to go out so very soon and the link to purchase a book post-preorder will be up on my website

There is also some big news I can’t wait to share with everyone concerning the book!

That being said, my e-book version will be taken offline very soon! If you are interested in grabbing an e-book version to read through, please follow this link!

If you have a copy already, and you have enjoyed reading through, I do ask that you please stop over and give it a short review on what you thought! Remember, once purchased this book can be lent to others who have the same devices to view it on! I do hope everybody enjoys!

In relation to this photo:

This is one of the oldest styled kitchens I have come across during an explore, along with one of the most fun explores I think I have ever had! The home from the outside was covered in so many trees, you could barely make out that there was even a house buried in there!

So what is it about country homes that creates such a calm, yet eerie feel? This now empty shell which once held life, while still containing every item feels so bare and quiet. An entire history of someone’s every day life lost beneath the weight of time…and collapsing rooftops.



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