I Have Finally Finished My Book and it is Available online!

Happy to say that the e-book version of my book is available here for tons of different devices! I’ve even included a lending feature where once bought you will be able to lend it to friend for 14 days! Print versions coming soon, but for any of you that enjoy reading on mobile devices or the computer, here you go!


I hope to very soon start printing the physical copies for those who would like to purchase one! I’m pretty excited to get them made and be able to actually hold them in my hands. A lot of work has went into this, and I can’t wait to share it as much as possible!


One thought on “I Have Finally Finished My Book and it is Available online!

  1. Hi. I bought your book, I love your pictures. A few thoughts:
    If you want to do a physical version please think about you font choice, also on my iPad air the font is fuzzy. Also think about a few more images at as high a resolutions as you can. Also think about less text, you have some poignant images -for example page 56 a large picture with some of the questions you raise in the text would have far more impact. Your text describes the scene, don’t let the picture describe the scene and focal point.


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