One of the Craziest Phenomenons I Have Personally Witnessed

Okay, so it might not be a “phenomenon” in reality, but it could be considered one, at least it was to me.

During the summer of 2012, it was a fairly normal routine to wake up and drive to Fairport, where I could view the sunrise as it would greet the horizon. This particular morning, I did exactly that.

The night before was a long and sleepless one, moving from place to place, city to city, town to town. I found myself in a blurred state of mind, which I had come to enjoy through most of the summer actually. My head felt completely clear of anything around me, while my only thoughts were as to where I was going to go next.

Waiting for the sunrise, I was finally greeted by one of the most radiant and pink glowing skies I had ever seen.


This was a beautiful morning to begin with, but it would only get better once the sun tucked itself into perfect position behind a group of clouds.

As I looked on, the sun began to set itself perfectly behind two separate groups of clouds; one of these being in the foreground and one in back. It seems that the one behind the closer group was also lower. As the sun shined upwards towards toward the two groups, the beams of light given off had created a sort of shadow on a third cloud surface.


What we are seeing here, is perfection of one simple moment in time. The sun cast its light at the perfect angle towards these clouds, thus creating a shadow on the pallet of clouds above.

Shadows on water floating in the sky? Seems crazy, but it happened.

I have been wanting to look further into this, and I probably will tomorrow…for now I’m going to let it remain mysterious to me.

I also apologize for not having much of the abandoned side to show as of recent…been working through so many projects I haven’t been strongly focused on one or the other…plus I don’t want to share my ENTIRE book with everyone BEFORE I publish anything, do I? 🙂

Okay time for me to get some sleep…


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