Where has Summer Gone?

I find myself asking ‘why does writer’s block exist?’ If I could express my thoughts on this through words, I would.

So, where has summer gone? When will it be back?

It is not very rare that I find myself asking these questions half way through the winter months. The world around my area becomes far too monotone, not only visually but also through the attitudes of people. Dirty slush splashes around the roads and car parks in my neighborhood and the ones surrounding. We complain about the winter, but bitch when it is too hot.

So here we are. Welcome to “Snowhio.” We do hope you enjoy your stay. Just sit back and wait a few minutes, the weather is about to change.

Though I agree with what many are saying, and I see where you are coming from, I still believe we need to separate ourselves from the grey slush, and experience more of what there is all around us. Go take a hike in the woods, through an area nobody normally ventures, you might just enjoy it.

Summer will be back soon, don’t worry.



One thought on “Where has Summer Gone?

  1. People seem to forget to appreciate the weather, good & bad, if it was always sunny i would miss the beauty of frost & snow. The joy of a summer thunderstorm,that amazing smell of rain falling on hot pavements & the crisp chill of a autumn day.


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