Who wears a mask while exploring, anyway?…

So, random story but I figured it relevant. I will put it as simple and plainly as I can. Wear your mask. I don’t care who you are, it is as simple as that. Wear. Your. Damn. Mask.

I have been experiencing dizziness, shortness in breath, nausea, and headaches on pretty much a daily basis for a long time now due to whatever has gotten in my sinuses or just my body in general.

Is this from me being a dumbass and not wearing a simple mask for years so many times? I hope not, but it is not far off from being a huge possibility. I wear a mask a lot, but I will admit still not enough. In a way, I hope this could be the reason for all of the problems I am dealing with, because now I can have it solved once and for all.

This Friday, I get to go in to the doctor to get 50 needles poked in me, checking for any allergic reactions, and then I get to go back for some Ct scans. How fun is this? Oh, and the medical bills…yeah…there’s that too.

If you don’t own a mask, or a respirator or otherwise, buy one. Learn about them, and learn about what you are breathing in. Hell, wear gloves if needed, maybe even boots depending on what you Are walking in, try asbestos you can not to disturb asbestos, and for fucks sake, wear the damn mask.

Yes, I still find myself guilty of being kind of a dumbass and not wearing it because I am being lazy, but ultimately I am being kind of stupid.

Some people aren’t so lucky. Yeah, I’m lucky to only have these problems as of right now, and hopefully no serious problems after getting checked out. Some people develop cancer from asbestos exposure, some people are in situations where they need to have surgery on their lungs, or their sinuses.

Let me say once more, wear your mask! You are crawling in filth.

If you are refusing to wear any type of safety gear ALL the time because you think you are a badass, or because you are worried someone is going to make fun of you, those are both pretty damn pathetic reasons to norm cautious of dangers. You won’t be such a badass when you have tubes in your lungs or are coughing up blood, leaving you not able to explore at all. Some of this shit is deadly.

I feel this is a rather simple concept that a lot of us explorers overlook because we are being way too ignorant.

Some of us need to learn exactly what it is we are crawling around in, the effects of animal feces, the air and mold that we breathe, asbestos, led, and many other dangers aside from “I might fall through a floor.”

So in short…


Wear it.



3 thoughts on “Who wears a mask while exploring, anyway?…

  1. I’m pretty new to this exploring thing, but so far on every place we have been, me and my fellow explorers always wear gloves, safety boots and of course a mask.

    You got a good point there, when talking about all the filth in the air. Especially in abandoned places.


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