For The Explorers Out There

What is the most stomach-turning room you have ever walked into?

For me, it was when the flooded apartments in Painesville were still standing.

One extremely hot summer day, myself an a couple of friends took a short adventure through the apartments. Exploring these was one of my favorites, not only because they were one of my first larger explores back then, but they were cool as hell to go through. I remember finding old letters this girls boyfriend wrote her from jail. I’m not sure what happened to those letters now, but they are floating around here somewhere. Anyway, in continuing my short story, the air was so hot and humid we were literally sweating streams similar to a Gatorade commercial. I opened a door, which had somehow been shut, probably blown by the wind. The smell of dead, rotting, bubbling raccoon flesh and feces filled the air. Now, I have walked into countless places with the smell of dead animals and feces, but in a small enclosed room already filled with the aroma of humid water damage, now in addition we have 4 raccoons who had been trapped by the shutting of the door. It looked as if they had slowly began to go crazy, eating at one another, and you could tell which one started the eating by how much of each body was eaten. The winner…or…kind of winner was fully intact, however upon his small brain and body burning and bubbling under the intense summer heat, he began to go crazy, shitting and clawing at the wall near the window in an attempt to get out, but the window had been shut, only to leave a direct beam of sunlight gleaming into the already horribly hot room.

The raccoons lay dead on the carpet, flesh literally boiling and bubbling from cooking in the sunlight. The room had to be 140+ with humidity in just the air and shaded areas, I can’t even imagine how it must have been laying in that sun. Poor little things were cooked into insanity, and finally death. The smell they left behind was the most awful smell to fill the air that summer…it was pretty damn awful.

I grabbed a couple of photos with my phone (I did not have my camera that day) and was soon up and out, to return another day but before I could return, the city had burned down the apartments. I never made it back in time.


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