November 5th Headlands, OH Marsh Fire

While sitting at my computer Tuesday morning, scrolling the oh so exciting newsfeed of my Facebook (no offense to any of my friends) I noticed more and more occurring posts about a large fire happening within a close enough range for a photo opportunity. I quickly packed my gear, and was soon headed out the door and on my way to the Headlands to see what this large fire was that had everyone in such a panic. On my way towards the marsh I could see smoke billowing above the tree tops way off in the distance, thinking to myself this was going to be quite a crazy little adventure, and I was right.

Upon arrival near the fire, parking at a school, I hopped out of my car and ran towards the forest where nobody had been guarding. Chasing the smoke, I could see ashes raining atop where I walked, floating through the air above my head. I followed the smell of smoke through muddy grounds and the slight ash blizzard that covered this section of land. I finally saw the blazing inferno in the distance, complete with a fire fighter standing, watching, awaiting direction on the next move. Creeping behind, I was able to grab a few photos before being angrily rushed from the dangerous area. Below, you can see the photos I was able to capture.

It’s quite a crazy thought, how small we really are to such events.


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