Buried and Forgotten

A lot of us buy into the “new thing”, to become hip or trendy, to create a sense of happiness in having the shiny, brand new products that are available to us. Some people create a false sense of happiness for themselves by flaunting what they have at the time, and most of us are no exception to this. But what happens when that area of time has been phased out, along with all of its treasures? Out with the old and in with the new, right? We leave our past possessions behind, once those new and more advanced items become available to us. This market sits forgotten, crowded with now relics from the past years strewn throughout its interior. We leave behind our days and then look back on them with a sense of nostalgia, wishing that we could have those days back. So why did we bury them and let them rot away under the rubble in the first place?


Shane Walters, 63 years old will leave the arms of his wife of 40 years, crawl out of bed, and start his morning. He will walk to the bus station, as he does every morning to head to his 9-5 job. On his way, between St. Clair and Park ave. he will fall to his knees from a sudden heart attack. Paramedics will arrive on the scene shortly after receiving the call from a passing citizen who could not even be bothered to stop their car to help a man in need. Shane’s family will be phoned and told of the upsetting news. (I accidentally typed Jews and laughed. This kind of ruined the mood of where I was going with this…ill come back to it later.)

I tend to be more fascinated with the darker aspects of a city or town, rather than its bright lights and flashy shops, pouring out today’s newest “hot thing” to the masses. I enjoy much more, climbing through the walls and crevices of shops, markets, and curio stations that sit forgotten in the shadows, blanketed with yesterday’s forgotten fads; coated in dust, obscured in the neglect of human interaction. We as humans are a peculiar thing. We can be in love with something we find to be extraordinarily beautiful one day, and soon after we can let it fall to ruin without so much as a small glance back at it. We can, however (and we almost all do) look back into our mental past with a sense of nostalgia wishing for those days back. So why and how could we have thrown them away so easily and not even given a second of our time to look back on what we have done? We have buried our physical memories under rubble and apathy. We build things just to let them fall…isn’t this quite ironic? Even more ironic…as we are looking to our past, most of us never even once give thought to these things we have abandoned.


We forget too frequently, and far too quickly. What truly scares me about humanity is how people can omit certain things from their thoughts as if they were never present in the first place, until it becomes convenient enough for them to remember.

A loved one passes, whether it be a family member, or family pet. Soon enough, six months have passed, six feet under ground, and six of the 60 people that had made it to the funeral have dropped the occurrence from their minds. Come a few more months and that leaves us with 15-20 who still hold it dear to themselves. Most seldom convey any consistent remembrance to what was once a huge part of their life. That is the thought that scares me.

Everything that dies becomes buried not only physically under dirt and rubble, but in many of our minds as well. If people can forget about this so quickly, what does that mean for the present relationships held between them? If your answer is anything along the lines of beginning to question a persons feeling for you, then you are wrong. If you are thinking about changing your views and attitudes toward those around you because they “might not care about you after all”…you are still wrong.


I’m not stating any of this to make you question your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, or cat. He vomits all over your bed because he loves you, trust me. Plus, if you feed him Kibbles, you even get hugs and kisses. However, what I AM trying to do is get you consciously thinking a bit more about how you use the rather powerful mind that you have been gifted with. Take a second away from a day or two here and there to remember those who loved you, and you loved as well. Remember those who were there for you. Remember places you used to go as a child. Remember fun times with friends and family. These people and places are not things that you want to forget. Hold them close, because some people aren’t lucky enough to have these types of memories, and they wish for it every day. If you don’t want them, I’m sure they would be glad to take or trade for them.

I’ve seen it within multiple scenarios, even romance. If you can say to someone’s face that you love him or her, they pass, and you can continue onto another relationship with no thought of the past, then what does that say?


I once dated a girl who was, at the time living with her mother and stepfather who had been diagnosed with cancer. He was a nice, and fun loving guy who had become weak in older age and sickness. A year went by through our relationship and he had passed. A few short months after the funeral, her mother started talking to and borderline seeing another man with almost no thought, from what it seemed, back to her husband who had just recently left this world. The thought of this not only makes me angry with the choices some people can make, but also very upset.

We can get into the entire argument of how you need to keep pushing and move on with your life, and this is true…but is anything ever going to feel the same from a romantic relationship ended so abruptly? I myself could never get past something as tragic as that. It would always swing back into my head constantly like a filled capacity batting cage…We remember those we never even knew who have died, or been murdered. We even remember the killers who carried out the acts, but many can’t remember from day to day a beloved grandmother who passed away 2 years ago.


In no way am I saying to continue creating a sad and depressing thought about it for the entire remainder of your life, but just simple remembrance; a happy memory, a place you used to go together (why not visit there?), or something they always told you. “I love you” might ring a bell, and though that one should be obvious, I still feel as though I may need to remind some people about that one. Remember that they were there, they were in your life, at least for a moment in time.

As things grow older, they start to slip through the cracks of our minds, while in like manner; our Earth begins to slip through cracks of floors within the forgotten market, pushing up towards the light. The Earth always wants to be remembered, and it will paint a vivid picture, transforming and beautifying what we have forgotten, trying to catch the attention of whoever is listening.

But what is wrong with the old? Nothing, there is just something new that we haven’t seen before leaving it just another disremembered piece of life’s puzzle that you are never going to truly complete until you remember where you left it. Decay sweeps over the rooms; a beautiful darkness has enveloped the space as icicles hang from displays and past lives lay scattered throughout. It is now something new once again.


Sometimes I just want to exit humanity, and I then find myself surrounded by these forgotten formations. Frameworks of structures; ceilings caved to the basement. Boards bow beneath our feet while dolls and drapes hang torn and destroyed around us, dismantled in darkness, unconsciously collecting dust. When someone or something passes, it gives us a whole new place to explore in our world and our minds.

So here we are left, sifting through discarded memories of other lives pasts. We let things in life go by so quickly. We let them fall and we forget that they were ever there once.

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And what about Shane? Did I forget about him? Did you forget about him? Just wander that thought for a minute. Don’t let yourself become trapped in your own frigidness. Trust me, It’s cold, that market was freezing.


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